Who am I and how this blog started

Dear reader:

I guess how you find here is you are looking for adventures, inspirations and how to plan for your next dream trip. Same here, all my wonderful memories started from months of reading books, blogs and searching for the best flight and accommodation fares. You are on the right track! So far I have backpacked to most countries in Europe, many places in Asia and started to get a taste of Africa and America, and learned the only limitation is my mind.  

I wouldn’t have dreamed these trips would come true backward a decade. I grew up in Shanghai, spent all my teens’ years studying for good scores and had only been on a couple of family trips within China till university. I believed without a lot of money and unlimited holidays I couldn’t travel far. In 2007 a summer holiday trip with two of my best friends to Taishun(a remote mountainous area in south China) changed my mind. As there was no tour running in that area, I researched where to go, transportation and accommodation, and DIYed the itinerary for the whole 2 weeks. We took train, bus, taxi, tuk-tuk, hitch-hiked and hiked around the village and hills. Back then we didn’t know the word ‘backpacking’, just we all had a great time.

After moved to Germany for my master study, my travel itch got worse. With my little internship income I couch-surfed and car-shared to wherever I could get to. Slowly I became incompatible to tours and tour guides, because the chance to talk to a real local is so low on the tours while people were always so much friendlier when I was alone.

Travel has brought me incredible joys in life. I met many wonderful people. Some of them remains long-term friends, and one of them, Todd, became my awesome husband. Now we are living in London and making great use of the four international airports nearby. We both have a career that we love and won’t give up (I am an enthusiastic lighting designer and Todd is a geek software engineer), but we are travelling further now. After a three-month world trip in 2018 with months of research and planning, I felt somehow the knowledge and experience should be shared, instead of sitting in our computer. So I built this blog to share our passion and encourage others to travel more, travel deep and spend less.

Tod and I at Thorong La Pass, Annapurna, Nepal
Tod and I at Thorong La Pass on our Annapurna circuit trek in Nepal, 2018

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