Best nature and ruins in Yucatán, Mexico

Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula is a perfect destination if you like ancient Mayan ruins and aquatic activities. Some of the Mayan pyramid ruins you can still climb! We spent 7 days in Yucatán Peninsula during our central America trip and we got into water everyday. The white beaches, crystal clear cenotes (water filled sinkholes) and blue lagoons totally blew our minds. Below is some of the best places we visited:


How to visit Bethlehem as a day trip

We were not sure of Bethlehem during the planning. It is just 8 km outside Jerusalem within the Palestinian controlled West Bank area. Most tourists would take local tours because of security concerns. Have doubled checked with tourist office, we were convinced that we could make our own way there.

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The best places to visit in Jerusalem – part 2

Temple Mount, the legendary platform built to support the Second Temple, now where Dome of the Rock mosque stands, has very restricted opening time for non-Muslims everyday except Fridays and Saturdays. Arrive early in the morning, we accessed the ground via the elevated walkway next to Western Wall Plaza. It was such a stark view shift. A moment ago we were watching Jewish people, some of them now wearing a Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) praying in front of the Western Wall, the next second we have the imposing domed mosque arise from the horizon.


The best places to visit in Jerusalem – part 1

At the confluence of three most influential religions: Christian, Islam and Judaism, Israel is a fascinating destination. Easily and relatively inexpensively accessible from Europe, though it’s onward connections to the Middle East and Asia are pricey due to the lack of budget airlines serving the country.