How to find Wagu Beef in Yakushima

I have to write a special post just for the best beef I ever had, the Wagu beef in Yakushima. We had incredible luck to try this famous delicacy at its birth place without paying a premium. On the way back from Jymon Sugi trail since it was raining, we properly explored the Acoop Supermarket in Anbo. This time we started to notice an entire row of beef product read as’ No. 1 in Japan’. We curiously googled and found out Kagoshima prefecture(the prefecture Yakushima belongs to) is actually one of the premier Wagu beef producers. Having heard so much…


How to plan for a trip to Yakushima

Yakushima is a hidden gem in Japan, popular only among Japanese locals. It has received yet little international attention and wonderfully preserved its fascinating nature. The people are incredible kind there and food are still locally sourced and traditionally prepared. It is a bit out of the way, but all worth the effort. Weather Yakushima is the rainiest part of Japan so be prepared for rain. It also rains three times more in mid-June and mid-July, but we heard during this time the island is at its greenest. It is hot in summer and mild for spring and autumn. Language…


How to visit Yakushima without a guide Day 5- Miyanoura-dake and Hirachi Kaichu Onsen

Located in the middle of the island, Miyanoura- dake is the highest peak on Yakushima, as well as the highest mountain in south Japan. We couldn’t believe our luck to wake up with another sunny morning, a perfect start for a long hike. The most common starting point is Yodogawa Mountain trail entrance, though it is possible to access the peak from west Hanayama entrance or even continued from Jyomon-Sugi. At this point we have learned that all the trails here are connected. There are basic huts in the forest, so one can do a multi-day circular trek visiting all the places if equipped with camping gear.


How to visit Yakushima without a guide Day 4 – Janokuchi Waterfall and Onaida Onsen

At this moment we have done the most popular hikes on the island. Janokuchi-taki Waterfall trail is lesser known to tourists, therefore we were almost the only people on the trail for the most part. The trail started from Onaida-Onsen house and runs into a tropical forest covered with palm trees. It is amazing to see here how tropical plants and cooler temperature zone plants, like cedar could exist not far away from each other.